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Presentation of the model

The first vehicle under the Aro badge was the ARO 240, a two door 4x4 off-road vehicle , which entered production in 1972. This was the first model of the ARO 24 series, which eventually included many other models: the four doors 244, the 242 pick-up, the three doors 243, the 320 pick-up, and others.

Notable improvements over the years were the introduction of Diesel engines in 1984, units equipped with Toyota engines since 1996, and units equipped with Romanian built turbo Diesel engines since 1999. The ARO-24s are no longer in production as ARO was shut down..

Plans to market the ARO 244 in the United States as the Cross Lander 244X in 2005 were eventually canceled.


Sport Utility Vehicles

  • ARO 243

  • ARO 244

  • ARO 246

  • ARO 328 Maxi-Taxi


 Light Commercial Vehicles

  • ARO 33 N
  • ARO 35 S
  • ARO 35 M
  • ARO 323


  • ARO 320 Pick-up




  • ARO 324

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2 Spence   [Entry]
Hi Devon.

I may be able to help. I am in Savana la mar Jamaica and I do own a Crosslander. I do have a head gasket available. Send me an email

1 Devon   [Entry]
I'm representing Crosslander Jamaica and I love these vehicles but parts are hard to get.Right now I need a head gasket for my Romanian 324. I sent all the way to Brazil thinking that they had thes vehicles there. I really want to get my truck back on the road. I am open to suggestions. Crosslander forever.

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